Why Adults Love The Dsi Console

Nintendo’s game consoles and games are changing the face of video gaming. Literally. It used to be that video games were just for children and teenagers, but with recent consoles and games that appeal to adults, too, the demographic for all video game companies has expanded. The Nintendo Wii got everyone up off the couch to play baseball and tennis and exercise, and Nintendo DS games started to improve memory, basic math skills, and even taught people to cook!

About Nintendo

No longer are video games running and jumping on enemies to reach the end of the level; there’s much more to them now! With the upcoming launch of the DSi console in the western hemisphere, children and adults alike are counting down the days until they can get their new hand held game consoles! It’s easy to see what makes the Nintendo DSi so appealing to everyone. Between the improvements made to the console, the Nintendo DS games already available, and the familiar Nintendo characters that remind adults of childhood, the Nintendo DSi is everything anyone could want in a hand held game console.Nintendo has tried to expand the market with its newest hand held game console, as well as turn the DSi console from simply a game console into a tool that people can use to enrich their daily lives. It isn’t just about playing games anymore.

The Nintendo DSi has two cameras that can be used. The hidden SD card slot can be used to store those photos, play AAC audio, or store the downloadable applications from the DSi Shop. These applications, like the Moveable Notebook, take the hand held game console from a tool used to play games to a device used to make daily life better.Video games can be used as educational tools, as well. The Nintendo DS game Brain Age, for example, is a training program designed to help improve memory and reflex time. The fun activities in the game are used to access your “Brain Age,” and if you continue playing daily, your Brain Age improves little by little.In addition, games like Cooking Guide: Can’t Decide What to Eat? teaches valuable skills that have practical applications in daily life. It’s a digital cookbook that not only gives great recipes, but walks you through them systematically to help you make a delicious meal.